So, you’re walking?

Yes. We are walking.

The whole way?

The whole way.

How long is A Walk Across America estimated to take?

Anywhere from five months to a year, with our estimated arrival in 6 – 7 months.

Where are you walking?

From the Atlantic to the Pacific, starting in Long Beach, New York and ending in San Francisco. Along the way we will be going through Newark, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Denver.

For a more detailed breakdown of the route visit our Where Are We Now Page .

How many miles is that? How far will you walk each day?

Our planned route is approximately 3,200 miles, with an average of 15-18 miles per day early on, and, after building our stamina up,  20-30 miles per day by the time we finish.

How can I support the walk?

We have been saving for the past year and will be self-funding the walk. However, we will be raising money for JOIN, the homeless day space and housing agency we served at as Americorp volunteers in Portland.

If you would like to support the walk financially please visit our fundraising page to learn more about JOIN, homelessness, and how to donate.

Where will you sleep?

For the most part we will be camping and couch surfing. We will camp in designated camping areas in state parks and yard camp at people’s homes. To keep costs as low as possible we will try to stay in motels as a last resort.

We have posted our route on the Where Are We Now Page, and will update it daily with our location.

If you know anyone along our route who may be willing to host us for a night please contact us!

Will you be posting updates along the way?

Yes. One of the main reasons we decided to create a blog was to share stories and conversations with the individuals and communities we meet along the way. To see those types of posts click on our Stories page. We will also post personal reflections, pictures and updates from the road on our Blog page.


If you have other questions we didn’t answer post it in the comments and we will reply!



Day 1

Easy first day to start our trek! We left from the Atlantic Ocean in Long Beach early this morning, and have arrived already in Rockville Centre. Thank you again to everyone for their love and support of this walk. We can’t wait to share in this journey with everyone!