What are you grateful for?

Over a year ago when we were planning for the walk we had the idea to make the blog a photo story telling project all about gratitude and have that be the theme of the walk. We decided it would work better to keep the blog more broad, but we still wanted to do posts where we interviewed people we met on the street or stayed with and asked them what they were grateful for; below are their answers.

“Life. I’m just grateful for life. I thought when I was 25 I wasn’t going to make it. I’m 29 now and I’m going to be 30 in august. Ha, you wouldn’t even think I’m that old!. I’m diagnosed with depression and anxiety and my depression sometimes gets the best of me, but I’m still here. I don’t ever give up. I don’t stop. That’s what I’m telling you guys– keep going. Don’t give up. Don’t stop. Follow your dream.”

“I’m grateful we can travel to see the Pittsburgh Penguins. We live in New York and it’s an eleven hour drive, so we’re very grateful we’re able to come and experience it. We’re a mother and daughter and it’s fun to experience it together.”



“I’m grateful for these two jobs I got and this beautiful day. I deliver flowers and I clean offices at night. My favorite part about the flower job is meeting new people and making them smile. I got in trouble with the law before so I’m used to judges taking my money, but when I delivered flowers to a judge he gave me ten dollars as a tip, so that was a good one.”

“I’m grateful for people who are vulnerable around you and who let down their walls and allow themselves  to be loved.”


“I’m thankful for having a  community of friends here who are great for adventuring and having fun and also calling me on my faith. At the beginning of the semester we went under the Steubenville bridge and we made a 50 foot rope swing and we climbed out on the beam and spent 6 hours out there just jumping off and having fun.”

“I’m thankful for family and how much they support me in any of my stupid or smart decisions and for always being there for me. The most recent example of this is the other day I was struggling with a philosophy paper and I called up my sister and said “hey you’re an English major can you help me out with this?” and she did. But more than just helping me with this she asked me how my life was going and what I was doing and I told her these crazy plans I had for my future and she said “good idea.”

“I’m grateful for driving. It’s time I can spend alone and being an introvert that’s huge for me. Also, this week especially I’m grateful for fixing broken wounds that have happened in the past and making a lot of progress.”


“Looking anywhere, I can find gratitude. Look at that guitar. It’s a bunch of shit that comes from elements of the earth that people throughout time have crafted together that creates music. If you draw the lineages of everything, it is all something that people have created, and that people have dedicated their lives to making. This drywall, these musical instruments, a bed and it’s linens. Everything can be traced back to it’s past, and thinking about that can make me happy to just be in existence each day.”



“My family is what I’m most grateful for. My family has suffered some adversity, and to get to here I consider myself very fortunate. My grandfather suffered adversity being Italian in the area he grew up in. I never had to deal with any of that shit because of what my relatives went through. I’m grateful to be doing something that they never had the chance to do. They made everything a lot better for me today.” 


“I went to my grandmother’s 80th birthday party in Philadelphia about a month ago. I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. I feel gratitude for all of the people in my life who raised me. There’s an unending, deep well of gratitude for them. They taught me social mores, they taught me how to treat people well, to not be hateful to people that are different than me, and thank god that these people are still in my life. I’m trying to express to these people how I feel now. They taught me how to laugh. My grandmother suffered a lot, but she taught me to laugh at how absurd life is and taught me how inconsequential so many things can be. When I hang out with my friends I laugh at things in my life that should be terrible, and should be upsetting, but we always are able to find humor in them. A sense of humor is a sense of goodness.”

2 thoughts on “What are you grateful for?

  1. You two have about the most awesome travelogue ever written! I check almost every day for the next installment. We are sooo proud to have hosted you, to help you out in some small way. I’ve sent your blog link to lots of people. “Stories of gratefulness.” Wow. So amazing, in this age of cynicism, anger and entitlement. Great stories of thankfulness from ordinary people. We’ll make sure you get some good R&R in Kansas City. Unlimited veggies for Abby. IPAs by the trayful for Danny. -Neal


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