Day 7 – Princeton, NJ


While walking through Princeton, NJ today, we were stopped by a family along the road. They had been sitting and eating pizza when they saw us walk by the restaurant window, and wanted to ask us about our journey.

Just before they saw us, the mother was offering words of encouragement to the two boys, explaining to them that they were capable of accomplishing anything when they were older. After seeing us, and the sign on the front of our cart, the boys began asking her questions about our journey, and if they could some day walk across the country too. They finished eating their pizza, drove down the road to find us, and gave us some money so we could get our own pizza too!

After posing for this picture with the boys, and saying goodbye, we both left that moment in high-spirits. We knew our friends and family were following along on our journey, but it was affirming to see the ways our walk connected us with complete strangers. We arrived at our Couchsurfing location in Princeton tonight incredibly grateful for the kindness and generosity of the countless strangers we have met these past few days. But especially for these two, who gave us a lift when we needed one.


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