Day 8

We crossed the Delaware River today, officially leaving New Jersey and entering Pennsylvania! While it was our longest day yet, at 23 miles, we felt some extra motivation after seeing this sign directing us towards our goal, San Francisco.

Thank you to our couch surfing host Zak, as well as his roommates, for letting us stay with them at Princeton  yesterday, and to Lauren and Tim for hosting us tonight in Holland, Pennsylvania!


6 thoughts on “Day 8

  1. How amazing is that sign?! A beautiful “sign” that you are meant to do this amazing walk of growth and have faith.
    I have 3 relatives in Philly PA if you need a place.
    God Bless you, Mrs G


  2. Wondering how you picked what cities or towns to go through, and when your path seems to go up and then down and then Straight again does that mean there was no good road going straight ahead at that point?
    Tried to send you a picture of Sparky but it wouldn’t go through


    • Good Questions! We try to pick cities and towns that we have connections in, have sidewalks or roads with big shoulders to walk on, and are relatively direct. It’s not a perfect science, but we think about these three factors when deciding exactly where we will walk each day.


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