The Things We Carry


We have received a lot of questions lately about our gear, and what we have brought with us, so we unpacked our cart and laid everything out for this post.

Pictured above are all of the supplies we bought before beginning our journey. With everything from our camping equipment to the electronics we’re using to communicate with you, we worked hard to keep our equipment to only the essentials. And while this is everything we packed into our cart, it is important to note we are both carrying our clothes in our individual packs.

Below we have also included a picture of our trusted cart, Caddy. We often refer to her as the Cadillac of carts to the people we are meeting, and soon the name Caddy stuck. She might require a lot of effort to go uphill, but she has provided us with ample storage for all the necessities for our trip.



2 thoughts on “The Things We Carry

  1. Caddy, even made his/her way up 5 flights of stairs and down again. Any other memorable moments with Caddy so far? Or you think it will be tougher eventually?


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